Designed for a Viking Billionaire, this Luxury Plane is the Manliest Thing in the Sky

It is called the SkyRanch One, and it is not for the faint of heart. Decorated with fur and leather, hunters will be swooned and vegans will be outraged. A real bison horn is employed as a faucet, giving the space a Viking-approved, raw edge.Skyranch-One-1-770x481The burlap walls create a medieval atmosphere, along with the bleached woods and mood lighting. Designed by Sotto Studios, this beautiful interior is the most unique in the industry, featuring lots of bar storage for your expensive whiskeys.Skyranch-One-4-770x481From the appliances to the décor, the SkyRanch One is the poster child for badass luxury.Skyranch-One-3-770x481