London Canary Wharf License Plate - E14 LON

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Thread: London Canary Wharf License Plate - E14 LON

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    Lightbulb London Canary Wharf License Plate - E14 LON

    I'm letting go of this custom UK license plate on e-bay: Canary Wharf Private License Plate - E14 LON

    This may not be the best place to post this so if anyone has any ideas of websites / forums where I might be able to find folks that are interested I'd really appreciate it.

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    Not to be a downer, but I seriouslly don't get some countries obsession with number plates.
    UK and Dubai seem to be hte most obsesed ones.

    How is it of any relevance if my plate somehow says something "cool" by it having a certain digit that sounds or look like a letter?

    It's the car that is relevant. In my mind; a Ferrari with the plate "2 Fa5t FU" or something like that is just bad taste.

    And this thing that Dubai:ans pay fortunes to get a low digit as possible on their plate...

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    do you wear underwear ?

    my point ?

    some people like to and some people dont ......

    some people like designer boxers if you dont like then its fine personal preference....
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    10,000 pounds for a license plate hate to be the dummy and ask this...but whats so special about these plates ?

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    It's common in Asia as well where people are more superstitious and the numbers are supposedly to bring good luck, success, etc.

    For example, in Jakarta, all our plates have to start with the letter B, followed by 4 digits number, then 3 more letters. If you don't choose anything specific, then it's actually free if you register the car.

    But some people refuse to have number 4 for instance (which represents death in chinese), or 13 (for obviously universal reasons) and you can expect to pay around USD500 to make sure you don't get these numbers. Then as the digits get lower (single digit plates are the most expensive, I've heard stories of people paying up to $100,000 for a plate like B 1 TCH).

    Again, I think this kind of thing is pretty geographically specific and since you own the plate technically "forever" (you can always renew it, even when you get a new car), you can pretty much command any price you want for it if you want to buy it off from the last owner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBZGuy View Post
    10,000 pounds for a license plate hate to be the dummy and ask this...but whats so special about these plates ?
    That one.. Nothing really.

    Someone has given it a post rationalised idea of value in that it represents the postcode (zipcode) E14 of Canary Wharf in London. But so what?! I honestly can't see why would you want to 'represent' Canary Wharf?

    E17 LON can be had for about £300, but there's not much money in Leytonstone.

    Sorry CriticalSection, but if you paid anything like that for it you want your head reading. I suspect that's a 'RegTransfers' fantasy valuation though.

    Try PistonHeads over here.
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    In Sweden I paid something like 500 euros and I could write anything on my plate. In Australia it wasnt that bad either considering you had so much options. Then I moved to the UK...

    But I like it, it may be expensive but its a nice way of showing off.

    In Dubai I saw a Samand (produced by Iran), me and my mate sat in my LX570 joking about the car as we both have persian grandparents. The car did not have front plates, it was coming from the rear with its fully tinted windshield. When we reached the lights it slowly pulled up next us and I stopped laughing, suddenly everything turned from a joke to something very serious. The guys plate was worth more than my LX, maybe even more than my apartment.

    I dont remember the first letter but if I remember correctly it was a two digit plate. I think it was 28. Not sure. My plate was F 8485, a plate I gave to my cousin for his ISF later on.
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