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Jordan, certainly do not want to get into a debate about offsets nor do I wish to highjack this thread but, it's not really rocket science (well, for some I know it is....)? And I certainly would never question the beauty of your fitments. You guys have some spectacular wheels and I also understand that you wouldn't want "most" customers tweeking their wheels b/c they might think they know bettter than you.... I could see huge issues if someone in your position would allow that to happen. However, once an et is determined for a particular car, unless you introduce some other factor that would change the fitment like spacers or perhaps larger brakes the fitments are all pretty much "canned" at that point i.e., all the same. Someone might not want the wheel to crowd the lip or somebody might want a little more clearance on the inside and that would be easy to tweek......

Here's the last fitment I worked out on my old (old = sold) 928 GTS. et was given, I have to work out thickness of spacer whiched replaced the stock GTS spacer. You could barely slide a piece of paper between the tire and the fender lip....
No problem at all, I agree with you from that perspective as a consumer. In alot of cases the perfect fitment can easily be found online and duplicated or matched with spacers in some cases. Alot of common cars like for example the E9x M3's have a pretty straight forward fitment which can be found easily online and for us wouldn't be something kept confidential at all since it's not hard to find otherwise. What I'm getting at is, at some point there was a period of experimentation where someone took the time and effort to find the perfect offset on the car and for a period of time, that information may not be easy to find unless you were to go through the same trouble. Eventually someone posts the info online and that's how it spreads to eventually become a fitment like the porsche mentioned, which you can easily find without going through any trouble or experimentation.

My point is, from my end of the conversation - we're the ones taking the time to do the experimentation every day, spending thousands constantly to perfect these fitments on vehicles that most haven't even seen in person yet. This is literally a secret recipe for any wheel manufacturer and when another company gets an order for something that they don't have fitment for and it's not online, they'll have to either do what we do or deny the order just like we would have to in that position. So yes, many offsets and combinations are easy to find. At the same time many are not, and without risking possible damage on $200k+ cars you'll end up with a conservative wheel setup that you might not be happy with because the fitment wasn't as expected. The reason for that is simple, perfect fitments require experimentation, money, and knowledge which is literally our secret recipe that a competitor may need just like we may have.

Hope you understand where I'm coming from and again, for our customers who need it for some reason - it's there's.
Example, how many 430's have you see with a fitment like this? It wasn't an accident and it doesn't come from some magical fitment guide, it comes from ripping up tires, throwing wheels in the garbage and having the balls to do whatever it takes to get it right on a car like this. You won't find these et's online : )