uring Super Car Sunday I have filmed a matte orange Nissan GT-R R35 equipped with full Boostlogic exhaust system and tuned by Litchfield Motors. This car has received the stage 6 tuning from Litchfield, and now makes 800HP and 950nm of torque. This crazy Godzilla is tuned up to 800HP and producing now some great flames and loud backfiring sounds!

The owner is Battalion30Five member Mark (@gtr_r35_)

Mods include:
Litchfield Superstock
Litchfield Turbo intake pipes
Litchfield 1,100cc Bosch Injectors
Twin fuel pumps
Litchfield Large Bore performance intake kit with larger MAF housing
Full Boost Logic exhaust system
Improved boost control with custom Ecutek code
Revised ignition control, Variable Valve timing and Fuel maps
Reduced fuel consumption (especially on partial throttle conditions)
Increase in both power and torque across the whole rev range
Litchfield RACEROM Switchable maps for enhanced Economy mode and full Race mode
Litchfield Custom Launch Control settings when used with Gearbox Software upgrade
Upgraded turbochargers
The car also has a lot of carbon fiber, including the hood, spoiler, sideskirts, front lip and boot.