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It's Friday and now for something a little different... Yes it's Italian but it's got German guts and ECUs and it's @ SharkWerks. With some help from the EVOMSit ( crew we set about eking out some more power from this nicely set up 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo.

In she comes for surgery (and there's another Italian car there too!): _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks.JPG

And another Italian car.. _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_03.JPG

There are actually two ECU's (one per bank) located behind the driver and passenger seat underneath the carpet tray. They are very easy to remove and this can be done in a matter of minutes. Here's the passenger side: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_07.JPG

And here's the driver's side: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_09.JPG

Each ECU is embossed just in case it ends up in a Lotus Elise (same ECU) parts bin:) _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_10.JPG

With the ECU's out it's over to the BenchFlash table. This is where we bring all incoming ECUs for Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo when you guys mail them in: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_19.JPG

This proprietary tool allows us to literally download your stock file and upload a tuned file in minutes for these cars. It has all sort of neat checksum and other verifications to make sure that the tuned file is ready/correct before we install or Fedex/UPS other ECUs out: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_22.JPG

And back go the ECU's with the EVOMSit performance software installed ( _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_26.JPG _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_25.JPG _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_27.JPG

A 911 driver going for a test drive: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_31.JPG

And ready to go home: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_32.JPG _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_38.JPG

But then it's back to what we always do in case you think we'd gone all mad here... At the same time in came a 2001 996TT for an OBDII EVOMSit Stage 1 flash: _SharkWerks/2005_Lamborghini_Gallardo_EVOMSit_Software_Upgrade _SharkWerks_40.JPG

The end result for a Gallardo (shown in Egear as this was a 6speed) is a bump in HP (28) and TQ (22):

If you have any questions or want to send in your ECUs feel free to email me to [email protected] or check out the product page (

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