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Wheel Experts
04-12-2018, 11:14 PM
NOVITEC enhances the Lamborghini Aventador S

561 kW / 763 hp of power, carbon aerodynamics tuning from the wind tunnel, hi-tech forged wheels and endless customization options in the cockpit

Lamborghini continues the success story of its top-of-the-range model with the Aventador S. The perfect challenge for the engineers and designer of NOVITEC!

Even in a sports car, there is no such thing as having too much power. That is why NOVITEC developed a high-performance exhaust system for the 6.5-liter twelve-cylinder engine. It bumps the peak power to 561 kW / 763 hp, while increasing peak torque at the same time to 732 Nm. The variant of the NOVITEC exhaust system made from the especially light INCONEL, which is also the material of choice in Formula 1 racing, delivers weight savings of 21 kilograms.

The NOVITEC aerodynamic-enhancement components ranging from the front spoiler to the rear airfoil are also trimmed for lightweight construction and maximum efficiency. In addition, the components, which were fine-tuned in the wind tunnel, lend the Aventador S full-blooded racing looks, particularly the naked-carbon version.

The German refinement specialist offers hi-tech in its purest form for the top-of-the-range Lamborghini model also with tailor-made NOVITEC forged rims, which come with or without center locks. The combination of 20 and 21-inch rims on front and rear axle emphasizes the wedge shape of the mid-engine sports car. A height-adjustable coilover suspension can give the Aventador an even sportier ride.

Exclusive interior design in any desired color and with a wide range of custom upholstery patterns is another NOVITEC specialty. e520f932ade7dc06.jpg ce2f3fa10f66a8cf.jpg 3545614d9627ea72.jpg 583b86cc3d6164d3.jpg 437e62f9ae3d7338.jpg c575583c241ac7ed.jpg e25a530d844fc6ed.jpg 377e20048301770f.jpg ad036b4ce0bac6d1.jpg c6564089d5766a28.jpg f9f3833a70895c90.jpg a3552f8dae25dbbc.jpg