View Full Version : Sunday at Shift S3ctor - VF800 Supercharged Huracan

03-03-2017, 01:06 AM
The conditions for making power could not have been more perfect this past Sunday
at Shift S3ctor's first 1/2 Mile Airstrip Attack of the year. We had planned on being
there well in advance to support some of our BMW customers, and decided it would
also be a good opportunity to do some exhaust testing for an upcoming product
release for our VF800 Supercharger System. #secret
(more info to come on the pending updates!)

With traction issues early on due to lack of grip on the airstrips tarmac, we focused
on short shifting off the line for the 1-2 shift, and put emphasis on data logging our
mid-range power, and collecting 60-130 mph times.

Our best run of the day was a 174.3mph pass down the 1/2, limited only by lack of
grip on the airstrip tarmac. Our average 60-130 times over five separate runs were
all in the low 5 second range, from 5.2 to 5.6. Not only is that a respectable time for
most of today's Hypercars, it means that results beginning with a "4" are absolutely
within reach. We'll definitely be going back in May to push those times even lower!

All in all it was another good showing for our direct bolt on - daily drivable - VF800
Supercharger System for the Lamborghini Huracan.

Here's a great visual reference of the difference between our VF800 Supercharged
LP 610-4, and another mildly modified Huracan with aftermarket exhaust, an ECU tune,
light weight wheels, and stickier rubber.