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Fabspeed Motorsport
02-10-2017, 09:59 PM
We are excited to announce our ultimate performance and sound solution for all Lamborghini Huracan models!


Fabspeed Motorsport | Huracan Valvetronic Performance Package!

Unlock the full potential of your Lamborghini Huracan's 5.2L V10 with increased air flow, power, and reduced weight from Fabspeed's Supersport X-Pipe Valved Exhaust System, BMC F1 Performance Air Filters, and Fabspeed ECU Tune.

The Lamborghini Huracan Valvetronic Performance Package is the ultimate solution for Huracan drivers looking for the optimal balance between a neighborhood friendly exhaust tone, and a soundtrack fit for a racetrack at the push of a button. In Strada mode, the valves on the 70mm bypass pipes remain closed, channeling the exhaust gases through Fabspeed's signature 63.5mm quad-resonated x-pipe, producing an exhaust note ideal for cruising around town and on long stretches of highway. In Corsa mode, the valves open up, allowing the exhaust gases to rocket straight out through the 70mm bypass pipes with a snarling aggressive scream, accompanied by a barrage of pops and crackles upon deceleration and downshifting. In addition to increased power, torque, and sound, this system saves 23lbs from the rear of the vehicle, aiding in handling and acceleration. The BMC F1 Performance Air Filters beautifully compliment the exhaust system with increased air flow, delivering a steady stream of clean air for the glorious V10 to produce consistent power. Dyno tested with our Fabspeed ECU Tune, we are able to optimize these modifications to produce peak gains of over 43 whp and 36 ft-lbs of torque.

** For any owners who are local to our facility and/or willing to get the car to us for documented installation, we will be extending an extra break your way. **

Contact me directly with any questions you have regarding our new setup, and how we can work together to open up your 458! Check out the items in more detail on our website:
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