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01-23-2016, 06:28 PM

Not long before the 2014 SEMA Show the first run of Lamborghini Huracan’s were released to the US Market. Leaving us with just two things to do.

1: Get our hands on one, FAST! (Easy, thanks to Prestige Imports Miami)
2: Make it the HARDEST Huracan on Earth.

The day the first Huracan touched down on Florida soil was the day we became the ONLY company on Earth to add aftermarket wheels to an LP610; And what a day that was! Before the odometer even had a chance to reach double digits we fitted the new super car with a set of custom Matte Bronze ADV005 wheels, a design that has become a standard for just about every Lamborghini model.

50 / 50 Stainless Exposed Hardware
Finish Disc: Matte Bronze
Finish Lip: Matte Bronze
20×9 | 20×11.5

But as you know we don’t do anything “Standard”, so for our personal Huracan we decided to go another route, in fact we did something that had never been done before. This was the birth of the ADV7 Track Spec Competition Series. A lightweight Multispoke/Mesh wheel with aggressive cuts and styling to fit the equally aggressive styling that Lambo is known for. With ADV.1 Wheels literally being the only aftermarket part available for the Lamborghini Huracan at the time we had to make due with what we had. This meant working with manufacturers to develop our own parts to lower the car and increase horsepower.

ADV7 Track Spec CS
Hidden Hardware
Finish Disc: Matte Bronze Powder
Finish Lip: Manbronze / Gloss Bronze
20×9.5 | 21×13

We later sold our beloved red lambo to focus on other projects but something kept calling us back to the LP610 platform…And then this happened.

Literally overnight the car went from as stock as your Mom’s Mini Van to the beast you see today. With aftermarket parts now readily available for the Huracan our vision for our original LP610 was now achievable. With aero and suspension from the likes of 1016 Industries and Novitec and the world class installation skills of Dynamic Turbo and Wheels Boutique, what should have taken the average group of people weeks, took place in under twenty-four hours. Wrapped in a set of sticky Toyo R888’s is a set of our lightweight 19 inch ADV5.0 M.V2 Competition Series Wheels finished in fine textured gunmetal. A perfect set up for any Lamborghini road course racing enthusiast.

Don’t worry this is just the start. We’ll have more updates soon.

Photos by William Stern

50 / 50 Exposed Hardware
Finish Disc: Matte Gunmetal
Finish Lip: Gunmetal
19×9 | 19×12

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01-23-2016, 06:36 PM