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Fabspeed Motorsport
12-02-2015, 02:32 PM
FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | The Huracan Exhaust Solution!

For decades, Fabspeed Motorsport has been the authority in high performance Lamborghini and exotic car exhaust systems. In every corner of the globe, those in the know have equipped their Gallardos, Murcielagos, Aventadors and other Lamborghini's with Fabspeed systems. With the release of the Huracan, we’ve proudly crafted a perfected sound and power solution for an entirely new generation of Lamborghini owners. The Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe Valved Exhaust System is here, and here is why you want it:

SOUND: Fabspeed's unique valve design provides two very distinct sound modes when using the factory steering wheel mounted mode selector. In Strada mode, the valves on the 70mm bypass pipes remain closed, channeling the exhaust gases through Fabspeed's signature 63.5mm quad-resonated x-pipe, producing a smooth and sophisticated exhaust note ideal for cruising around town and on long stretches of highway. Switch the car into Corsa mode, and prepare to have your world rocked. In Corsa mode, the valves open up, allowing the exhaust gases to rocket straight out through the 70mm bypass pipes with a snarling aggressive scream.

POWER: Fabspeed's Supersport X-Pipe Exhaust System for the Huracan is a true piece of engineered artwork with the performance to back it up. In addition to the downright intoxicating exhaust note that it provides, the Supersport System also adds over 29 whp and 19 ft/lbs of peak power.

CONSTRUCTION: Each exhaust is precision machined using our state-of-the art Unison mandrel bender, Haas CNC machines, and hand TIG-welded by our passionate fabricators, our T304L stainless steel systems are second-to-none and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


WEIGHT: The factory system weighs 66lbs. Our Supersport System weighs in at 43lbs, removing a total of 23lbs from the rear of the car to improve handling and acceleration.

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Please PM me or contact me directly when you are ready for the finest system available for your Huracan!

Fabspeed Motorsport
12-02-2015, 02:33 PM
We'd be honored to equip your Huracan with our performance exhaust. Let's chat about unleashing a roar from your super car.