View Full Version : Track Day @ hallett motor racing circuit - Near Tulsa, OK

11-12-2012, 04:58 PM
Second time I have had the Evora at the track - it was a complete blast.

Warning - lots of wind noise, lots of laps, some good passing, some good lines (some shitty), lots of fun, and 7.0 miles per gallon of 104 octane.

Best time of the day in the Evora was 1:31 while driven by my friend who is an instructor and has had 25+ years of Hallett experience, my best time was 1:33 with his help. I am positive he could have done 2-3 seconds better and that is my new goal - sub 1:30's.

First a couple fun videos:

And we're off!

The Elise taking a well deserved rest:

The Elise and 2 Camaro's doing a quick flyby on the front straight. The Camaro's sound awesome, the black one is 720+whp:

For shits and giggles - the 2003 Jaguar XJR - yes, you read that right - it's a J:

Ok onto the fun laps.

Best laps of the day - if you look closely you can see the helmet turn in the side mirror anticipating the turns:

My custom exhaust on the Evora sounds amazing to me on the track - simply intoxicating:

Chase Cam - Elise - passed on lap 3 I think:

One more rear facing view - great for checking your lines:

In another post I will show the other car we brought to the track for some fun...

I hope you like them - thanks for watching :)