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  1. Carbon Fiber Case for iPad 3?
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  12. FS: New with a small scratch. StealthPredator Chrome/Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 Case
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  14. Want to learn to make your own carbon fiber stuff? New carbon fiber starter kit!
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  17. One Picture That Shows The Awesomeness of 3M Carbon Fiber DI-NOC
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  22. Carbon fiber DI-NOC vinyl now available in 7 different colors
  23. Customers wraps his entire Lexus IS350 in our 3M carbon fiber DI-NOC vinyl
  24. New from CFG...solid carbon fiber chopstick heard right...chopsticks!
  25. Carbon fiber and silver texalium pens, just $19.95 + 5% off THIS WEEK ONLY
  26. CFG Product of the Week: Expires Jan 17
  27. Carbon fiber iPhone case in GOLD and SILVER
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  34. FS: Open box 15" carbon fiber leather MacBook Pro case...LIKE NEW
  35. Just Released: New bi-fold carbon fiber/leather wallets with gray stitching
  36. OMG, the coolest desk lamp I've ever seen...took 11 months to get here
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  41. Cheaper alternative to carbon fiber wrap almost anything when you just want the look
  42. A little carbon fiber love (sort of) for you Blackberry Bold guys
  43. New Product Sale: Silver carbon fiber (texalium) money clips
  44. Carbon fiber toilet seats back in stock (only two available)
  45. Thoughts on this new "carbon fiber" wallet? Neat background if you like boating
  46. FS: Open box monCarbone carbon fiber iPhone 3G/3GS case