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  1. Alright..... I NEED a new Humidor/refrigerator/climate controlled cigar home
  2. Got these for my Bday...
  3. I need a new daily cigar, I'm smoking 3-4stck a daily religiously.
  4. Where to purchase small humidor?
  5. Going to Cuba and New to Cigars
  6. NuB Cafe
  7. Cigars are dead...
  8. The Man Club
  9. new to cigars/ punta cana trip
  10. First "real" cigar to buy at Cigar Shop
  11. Show your humidor!!
  12. Mission:flying pigs
  13. Opinion needed!
  14. Scotch and Cigar blog
  15. My Closetdor
  16. Lookie What GURKHA Sent Me... For Free!!!
  17. gift suggestions
  18. Panama City beach cigar bars
  19. Tabak Especial Cafe Con Leche
  20. Don Lino Africa- first hand experience anyone?
  21. Walk-in Humidor
  22. Humidor won't stay at 70%
  23. Texas Cigar Festival
  24. Buena Vista Cigar Club - Los Angeles
  25. Is there any value to vintage cigarette packs?
  26. Ehookah/ cigarette
  27. Show Off Your Cigar Accessories!
  28. Cigar Recommendations
  29. If You Had To Pick Your Last Ever
  30. Another humidor thread
  31. Need Help Choosing New Humidor & Humidification Device
  32. Latest "Over the Top" Humidor Cabinet that I just completed
  33. Has/does anyone here roll your own cigars?
  34. Opus X Angle Share
  35. My collection (image heavy)
  36. looking for a new humidor.
  37. I got to meet Nick Perdomo last night.
  38. Staying in Santa Monica - Recommend me a B&M to pick up a box of cigars
  39. Difference between butane fuels???
  40. Best Cigarettes
  41. Humidor Woes...Mold!
  42. Where to purchase cigars in La Romana, DR?
  43. need cutter, lighter, case/box (not a humidor) for groomsmen
  44. Pardon cigars in Vegas??
  45. Help Identifying Cigars
  46. Pretty sure someone gave me a fake cuban for graduation lol
  47. Your drink of choice with your cigar??
  48. OpusX Football
  49. Business School Celebratory Cigar
  50. Vegas cigar lounge
  51. Pipe smokers discussion thread
  52. Best Humidor Under 200$
  53. Cedar Wrapped Cigars?
  54. Mixing Acid Cigars in Humidor
  55. Big Review Thread
  56. Looking for Reviewers
  57. Set it and forget it humidor?
  58. I've finally accepted the fact I cannot taste cigars
  59. Cigar Rights of America DEAL!
  60. just picked this up
  61. Cigar Snob Top 25
  62. Where to buy a cigar sampler in Canada
  63. Good Maduro Cigars
  64. Christmas & New Years
  65. God of fire
  66. Local B&M house blends
  67. Cigar Smoking and Cancer
  68. What time of year do you smoke most?
  69. Beginner Cigars
  70. Opus X Hublot
  71. Air Purifiers
  72. Castro on his death bed.
  73. Two cigar kind of night
  74. Storing cigars.
  75. Humidor Question
  76. Astonishing GURKHA Deal...
  77. Girlfriend going out of town. Means Cigarathon
  78. Smoking Jacket
  79. Home Humidors
  80. What is similar to a Padron 1964 Anniversary?
  81. Cigars becoming dry
  82. Bad tasting cigars.
  83. Did some shopping today!
  84. liga privada
  85. La Duena Cigars - Janny Garcia!
  86. - || - Cigarography - || -
  87. How old are you?
  88. Which Cigar's for Cigar bar at wedding?
  89. Trade Cigars with me
  90. My new favorite smoke...
  91. Any Liga Privada , Unico Serie, Drew Estate fans ?
  92. My Tour of Padron in MIami
  93. A word about cigars and health
  94. Cigar websites
  95. Cuenca y Blanco
  96. Cigar Humidors for Vehicles...for my Suburban
  97. Show off your recent cigar purchases thread!
  98. What do you use to light your cigars?
  99. Is my local cigar shop a huge rip off? or is this normal??
  100. Humidor temp
  101. Good cigar information
  102. Cigar question.
  103. Plasencia Cigars
  104. Cigars for the Troops!!!! Pics
  105. Louixs cigars
  106. Anyone have a cigar contact in Holland?
  107. Cigars in Naples?
  108. Advice for a son in law.
  109. Some help please
  110. Davidoff cutter
  111. Cigars on order new to me and stuff worth re-ordering...
  112. Who's Puffin on Coffee Sticks?
  113. Holiday weekend cigar lineup
  114. New to Cigar Smoking
  115. Those who order online...
  116. Freezing Cigars
  117. My What I'm smoking today Picture ~ Review/Blog ~
  118. Padron questions
  119. Which humidor to buy.....
  120. ~ ~ ~ Cigar Deals ~ ~ ~
  121. A few pics from my collection!
  122. What do you guys look for in a retail cigar store?
  123. Headed to the Dominican
  124. Amateur to the scene
  125. A Ton of Undeclared Cuban Cigars Confiscated in Rome
  126. Need Advice on getting started
  127. Humidification ?
  128. How do you keep an even burn?
  129. dokha/medwakh
  130. Young buck looking for some insight
  131. What did you smoke today?
  132. Question about odor removal
  133. Acid Cigars
  134. My first shipment
  135. A List: Cigars
  136. Baby coming, any recommendations?
  137. Couple of Humidor questions
  138. Which cigars to bring on a cruise?
  139. Lotus lighter repair
  140. Looking to buy
  141. best Cigars to buy
  142. Gluten in cigars?
  143. Friendly reminder on Cuban cigars
  144. ***Lets see that Humidor!***
  145. what a bonehead... [cubans][fake]
  146. My humidor
  147. Need help with Humidification
  148. TIPS for a BEGINNER???
  149. First Cigar of the Year?
  150. Fake or Real Cohiba? He's asking 350$
  151. Sexy cigar rolling
  152. Retro Cigar Boxes
  153. New Humidor and some cigars to go along with it
  154. Tartuaje Franks
  155. Cigars and stuff
  156. New wineador.
  157. Cigar Lounge in Vegas?
  158. sealed box of Partigas Series A
  159. Hello from Idaho
  160. Hello everyone
  161. **Official Chicks and Cigars Thread***
  162. New Humidor
  163. Bought myself a new lighter/torch.
  164. C&C Cigars - new brand
  165. A Few Pics of My Humidor & Contents:
  166. New SEMA Party Sponsor Announcement: Padron Cigars
  167. Tampa Cigar Bash 10/22...anybody going from here?
  168. Tightness/irritation in throat for a couple of days after smoking cigar...
  169. Need a humidor!!
  170. Experience with this humidor?
  171. need some help for my father in law
  172. Cohiba Siglo II
  173. New for the cigar room, for ref., its 28" long.
  174. Today's Woot Deal
  176. Cigars on the go.
  177. Went a bit crazy on cbid this week
  178. Our Sponsor, Padron Cigars, celebrates 47 years in business today
  179. Hmmm what could these be...
  180. New Lighter
  181. Looking for the new Davidoff 100th...
  182. Miami International Duty Free Cigars?
  183. What's a cigar like?
  184. San Lotano Oval - Anyone smoked it?
  185. Tonino Lamborghini Lighters Forsale
  186. looking for a cigar
  187. Palm Desert Tabaco Review and Insane Deal
  188. Picked up several boxes of my favorite cigar - Cohiba Behike 54s :)
  189. Want To Try Something New.
  190. Advice Needed
  191. so has anyone tried this brand?? Route45
  192. I hate you guys!!!!
  193. Looking to try a cigar for the first time
  194. ****** Trading with other members! ******
  195. Ashtrays anyone?
  196. Another Tonino Lamborghini Lighter F/S
  197. My Cigars and my wine cellar
  198. Advice on this humidor
  199. Feedback wanted on Self Promoting Video
  200. Electronic Cigar Humidor
  201. Why or How did you start smoking
  202. Best Cigar Lounge
  203. I met the Perdomo's today
  204. RJ Cigar Co.
  205. F/S Tonino Lamborghini Torch Lighter *green*
  206. What would be your last smoke?
  207. FREE PASS Humidor help/opinion thread
  208. Who doesnt want this! Scarface Humidor + Scarface CD
  209. My uzi weighs a ton cigars for sale
  210. Received this
  211. Corona Cigars
  212. Woot! Just scored a deal!
  213. Padron Event in Georgia - Saturday, 25 June
  214. Has anyone tried the: Onyx Reserve Robusto?
  215. Los Angeles area Cigar Lounges?
  216. José Orlando Padrón's 85th Birthday
  217. What cigar to go with Hennessy XO
  218. what cigar publications and websites do you read?
  219. Whats a good cigar that is close to a cuban?
  220. Created by Sam Leccia using only 100% tobacco, cool stuff:
  221. my humidor
  222. Any pipe smokers here?
  223. Counterfeit Behikes Analysis
  224. Any interest in Cigarillos?
  225. Pick this up in Mexico
  226. Best cigar I've had in years.
  227. Is this what I think it is?!?!
  228. Recommendation: Cigar Lounge near Minneapolis Convention Center
  229. Any Single Malt Scotch Whisky drinkers in the house?
  230. Guess I like Padron Anniversaries
  231. Mexico cigars and fakes?
  232. Current cigar room pics
  233. School the young kid!
  234. Advise on a cigar please.
  235. The $350,000 desktop humidor
  236. Cigar preservation: humidors & humidity
  237. Cigar preservation: beetles and bugs
  238. Jorge Padron will be at Holt's Walnut St - Phila PA
  239. New addition for the cigar room
  240. Worst Experience ever?
  241. Grand Edmundo 2010 LE
  242. Why cigars?
  243. Best Butane Fuel?
  244. Locating Padron Samplers in Vegas
  245. Service Support: Porsche Design
  246. Padron SI-15
  247. Completed trade with Thieu from Belgium
  248. I thought I smoked a lot of cigars...
  249. About 5% of my recent orders arrived today:
  250. Any one want to send some flying pigs to Canada?