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  1. And my new project begins. 3 bedroom 2 bathroom spanish revival/transitional
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  9. StoneGuard Stone Surface Protection Film
  10. Check out this toilet room I biult. Wachoo tink?
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  18. FIRE: Kitchen remodel
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  20. Need assistance with Indian Electrical code
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  25. Introduction to property market/First Home Buyer!
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  28. Build waterfall, what need to be considered ?
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  34. Looking to get a PVC wood flooring
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  37. California...and the Big One
  38. Construction Management/Hotel Chain
  39. My first house, An on Going 3 year battle!
  40. Need your help fellow members with making a project of my garage.
  41. Lets see your pools
  43. Green Block Contruction
  44. My Home Renovation
  45. anybody build thier own house here?
  46. APARTMENTS cost to build - San Diego/Riverside
  47. Trevi Fountain - The Most Famous Fountain Of All
  48. Spray Foam
  49. Up, Up, and Away!
  50. New to L4P
  51. My kitchen renovation, Want it done right? Do it yourself!
  52. Any connections with CAT equipment , asphalt pavers recommendation in SoCal?
  53. Cost to build (guestimate/average)
  54. Material (Real vs. Man-Made)
  55. Just had 1500 sf of tile laid
  56. May have to take my Home Builder to court
  57. Hacienda Migrino Cabo San Lucas
  58. Remodel pictures before you begin
  59. An Elegant Barbecue Grill
  60. The Family Business
  61. Looking for a Water Feature (indoor)
  62. Any good landscape lighting guys here?
  63. Advice Needed: Wireless Home Security Systems (DSC Alexor or GE Simon XT)
  64. A** hole Inspectors!
  65. NW Burbs Chicago
  66. Carpet?
  67. Decking Material Advice (Trex, Fiberon, etc)
  68. Anyone with Radiant Heating?
  69. Constructing the $34,000 carbon fiber bench
  70. Tahoe Cabin
  71. modern contemporary plans?
  72. My First Home Purchase... past due introduction...
  73. Let the Digging Begin!
  74. Automated Blinds?
  75. Some Pics of our Projects
  76. Residential wind turbines
  77. New HVAC and Humidifier Advice?
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  79. Properly hanging a hammock
  80. Steel Fabrication
  81. 3 Bolt Lock?
  82. The most hideous construction in the world ...
  83. - LEED Professional Credentials -
  84. What are you growing this year?
  85. Home Renovation Suggestions
  86. Tankless water heaters?
  87. Interesting Pool Design
  88. Pics of my house under construction
  89. need help with light fixtures and tile
  90. Need help on construction costs
  91. Any "home inspectors" on L4P? My 30 Day inspection coming up
  92. Question on Small Lot
  93. 7 star underwater hotel in Istanbul
  94. Latest work project - Altitude Montreal
  95. new backyard
  96. Green Modular Build
  97. My Remodel before and during.
  98. Concrete polishing or Epoxy
  99. Looking for ideas
  100. Renovations/Remodeling On The Water
  101. Looking for a website designer for a construction company!
  102. Gone Green W/ Solar!
  103. Tankless water heaters
  104. Commerial Building Painting in OC
  105. Concrete vs. Wood
  106. Contractors?
  107. My Kitchen
  108. my new house Dallas
  109. Surge Protectors? Blah who needs em!
  110. Contractors on L4P
  111. Miter Saw help! Tool nuts please help!
  112. Laminate flooring question...
  113. anyone using GEOTHERMAL ENERGY ?
  114. ipohopper Family Home Construction Project - updated 9/9/12
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  116. Custom-built jacuzzi
  117. CASA CALIFORNIA (interior design) TONS of pics
  118. My remodel
  119. redneck riviera (contemporary design)
  120. Boss's Money Pit
  121. Stacy & Boomer's Mini Crib...
  122. Stacey & Boomer's Mini Crib...
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  124. CAD video of my lab
  125. To build on or move on?
  126. Material Used on this building.
  127. All Tile Bathtub?
  128. Thinking about redecorating with this modern organic furniture need feedback!!
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  130. New showroom kitchen
  131. Bathroom Vanities?
  132. Need Pricing Idea for Floor Install
  133. MODERN kitchen remodel
  134. Stack rocks like Colorado...
  135. cool stuff for construction guys w/ iphones
  136. NEW MEMBER checkin in!
  137. Looking for interior doors for my bathroom
  138. How to get into the industry
  139. Help on recessed lighting
  140. luxury kitchen photos & blueprints
  141. rooftop pizza oven?
  142. Any general contractors in the Chicago area?
  143. International Building Code
  144. Builder's & Contractors - A few questions
  145. My Home renovation (LOTS of pics)
  146. my new outdoor shower...
  147. What's under my fireplace hearth? Deconstruction question...
  148. the real "tough guys" HOW MUCH WOULD YOU NEED TO DO THIS JOB EVERYDAY?
  149. A few homes I'm building right now
  150. to gate or not gate? pics...
  151. bathroom mini re-model: please help select flooring for shower
  152. What should I do with this space?
  153. Advice on refrigerators/appliances
  154. Master Bath remodel
  155. Starting on Casa de Corona
  156. Manion Cottage
  157. 1q2w3e4r's digs (AKA as Benny The Kid)