Maybe you’ll be amazed by the luxury homes on this one. Luxury glass houses, located at a site 4000 sq.m, with a total floor area of 2500sq.m at Johannesburg, South Africa Designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects. This house has exterior and interior design and architecture which is very luxurious to be a model of architectural design concept of the house. Integrated design of this house with a beautiful garden design that makes buildings more beautiful, elegant and fresh air. They are all one unit and inspire the best from the glass house and garden design.
This porte Cochere is suspended glass and stainless steel structure, with a view into the house and stainless steel and glass staircase, which hangs over a pool of hot water, (which in the summer acts as a temperature stabilizer, and in winter as a giant heating) the circular, raised a glass of water features in the background, framed by the rays of two storeys high.