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Thread: Wardrobe Refitting

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    Default Wardrobe Refitting

    So I picked up a new job this past week and I'd like to spend of my cash to start refitting my wardrobe; more then anything, I'd like to be a bit more fashionable and also a bit more dressy/professional daily instead of just for actual business

    I'm not saying I am looking for suits and such but just fashionable setups that convey a well put together look, I always go to stores, see a manican I like and try on the ensemble and realize I look like a jackass

    Any thoughts? I know I could use some more shoes and such to compliment what I wear but there is far more to it

    Any fashion experts have some advice or tips for me?
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    gq.com has a lot of tutorials and columns to advise you if you don't mind reading a little.
    GQ Guide to Dressing on a Budget: Wear It Now: GQ

    i went through this about 15 years ago, and my biggest fear was disapproval/judgment from the sales people. so instead of asking them for help, i went into dept stores (i was unemployed and had a lot of time, and tried stuff on constantly to see how it looked on me.

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    That's what I'm trying to accomplish now. What bothers me in a big way is that I cannot find clothes easily. Why? Well it's rather hard to get a nice wardrobe for a 6,7 guy of 225lbs. What actually bothers me most is all the time you get S, M, L maybe. All the stores have clothes for tiny people, not normal if you know what I mean.
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    i recommend trying out a preppy look. lots of colors you will definitely stand out in a good way.

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    Fashion is subjective, so I hope no one comes in here and gets offended by anything I might write. I'll just try to help out the OP, since even though at first I thought this was one of the most retarded threads in a long time, it definitely takes some courage and maybe we can gather some of industry guys in here offering their opinions as well. I might not have the same background as David or others that simply have more insight, but I'll still give it a try.

    First of all: Fashions fade, style is eternal. Yves Saint Laurent

    I've got a subscription of the German GQ, still, I think most of their fashion "insight" is horrible, simply because it's so extremely based on fashion trends. To some extend I understand it, because their target group expects to gets exactly that as well. But as the quote above already mentions, fashion fades and style is eternal. There are always trends that I'm sure everyone thought was retarded even at that specific period of time. Bell-bottoms, shoulder pads and so on and forth. So I think if you stick to certain outfits and combinations and maybe combine it with some personal aspects, you should be able to maintain a certain form of style, without looking like a "GQ hipster" or someone that has no sense of how to dress at all. I'll just try to gather some stuff together I just always liked or hated. Maybe it helps you out or maybe it doesn't, who knows.

    1) Colors. This applies to everything. Not only suits, but also casual or business casual if you like. I still can't believe what some guys combine. Personally, one of the most important things for me are matching colors. The shoes have to match the watch strap and the belt. It's even more horrible with suits. Don't try any experiments. If you want to wear something as conservative as a suit, then do it right and please don't combine it with some weird and unsuitable colors. Everything has to match in my opinion. But I'll get more into suits later on anyway.

    2) Patterns. Don't, please just don't. I might be biased due to my business studies and I personally mostly like either one colored or two colored stripped shirts. But I always thought that those flower or whatever pattern and 3-4 colored shirts are simply too much. I might understand the intention of taking something conservative and then apply something more, well, "interesting" or lively or whatever to it, but I think it just looks shitty. Either choose one color or head for a the fine stripped business shirts combining rather elegant and simple colors.

    3) Suits. I know you didn't ask for it, but this applies to every situation in life, since you most likely won't use a suit only for work environment. I'm still impressed and I guess it still applies that money can't buy you class. I mean, there aren't that many rules and you certainly don't have to spend a couple of grand on a suit to look decent. But I mostly see guys spending a shit load of money on suits and still look like crap. Again, I think the most important thing would be to have matching colors and don't try something out like brown shoes to a blue suit and a purple tie or some experiments in that direction. In my opinion that has nothing to do with style or whatsoever. Also the tie always has to perfectly match the dress handkerchief. If you want to pull that off in the first place, then get exactly the same color or pattern. Or at least have it match the shirt you're wearing with the suit. But since we're back to the pattern, please just leave it when it comes to suits as well. I'm really, really impressed how many ugly ties there are in the world and even more that there people wearing them. And I don't think that money is a factor here as well. Just try to keep it simple or maybe have very fine stripes, but I'd rather prefer one color ties and I think you'll never go wrong with that. Either be labeled as boring or conservative than completely retarded. Again, shoes, strap and belt have to match and I'd personally leave out any combination of brown and blue or something in that direction. A beige or brown suit, maybe a grey one can flow with it, but please stick to black shoes, strap and belt when you wear a navy blue or better a black suit. The images attached might showcase some rather rather expensive ones, but you could easily get a similar style for way less than Tom Ford or anything in that direction. Oh and please just stick to the Windsor knot. I'm sure others will chime in and disagree, but I just think that a too thin tie know looks weird and simply doesn't fit most of the outfits and men in general. And fabric ties, well, another trend. Also, make sure that the shirt is longer than the suits sleeves.

    I mean, there are lot more thing to consider and I think we all agree that custom tailored are suits are the best anyway. But that's a completely different thing and with this right here, I've just tried to get some of my personal basics together that apply to regular suits, since I simply can't afford to get one tailored yet and I wanted to show that it's also possible to have some decenet sense of style without spending too much money.

    I don't necessarily agree on all the combinations and some of the colors/patterns, but rather like the overall styling/outfit:

    4) Just had to put this in here as well. Ed Hardy and all those UFC clothing lines are retarded and doesn't have to do anything with class, style or fashion or whatever. It just shows that you have no sense of style. Because the quality sucks and the there's nothing about that brand that anyone would really want to buy it, besides that a lot of celebrities wear it. Well, if you want to portrait that, there you go. And just leave out everything with roses, hearts, skulls and whatever crappy motives one could put on a T-Shirt or sweater, or even worse, a suit jacket.

    5) As for the more business casual dress. Of course, matching colors should be a must at first. Maybe experiment once you feel more secure with your own personal style. If you're fat (like I am currently) don't put your shirt into the jeans, it just looks completely retarded. And shirts out of the jeans only look decent when you got some sneakers on. If you decide to wear a shirt with your jeans and some finer shoes, then please put it in your jeans. Also yes, we all know, True Religion is very expensive, but big ass crap on your back pockets doesn't make you cool. It only shows that you have no sense of style, but deep pockets. But if that's what you want to portrait, again, there you go. Combine it with an Ed Hardy T-Shirt and some Moet at the club and you get yourself some cheap girls as well. There are a couple of things I'll never understand, but won't really judge. Skinny jeans for instance. I'd personally rather not head into that direction. And I think the same things as for the suits apply for the casual/casual business outfit as well. You won't necessarily look better if you have a shit load of crap on your jeans and there are fare more expensive jeans than the usual suspects with a shit load of pattern and whatever, so you won't prove anything to anyone. Oh and please don't combine jeans with suit jackets. Yeah, I get the direction of combining something conservative with something casual, but please just don't in the beginning. Either wear a suit or jeans plus a shirt and/or a sweater, but leave the jacket to the suit. And short sleeve shirt are a complete no-go as well and I don't care if it's summer. Pull up the sleeves of your normal shirt.

    You'll find some inspiration on the following site. There might be a lot styles and color combinations I would personally not agree on, but as stated above, this should be a tutorial for a beginner. If you feel comfortable with your own style and confident to try out and combine certain things, you'll find plenty of inspiration on the the Sartorialist. It's just that I feel that not everyone can pull certain styles off, so I just wanted to give you some basic advice one should be aware of in the beginning. As someone that doesn't have any sense of style or just needs to find his personal style at first, I'd rather not go head into that direction at first. Still, here you go:

    The Sartorialist

    Also check out Esquire. In contrary to most of the fashion mags, I think these guys head into a different direction most of the time and I love a lot of their editorials and overall style guides:
    Mens Fashion Trends - Best in Mens Style and Accessories - Esquire

    It's not that easy to find outfits that I personally like, but I think heading into the business casual direction would be the best for your current situation.
    I'll try to find more examples, but I think an outfit in the direction attached would be a good start:

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    I'd say polos and casual button up shirts are where you'd want to keep your focus. Lacoste makes beautiful polos but they can get pretty pricey. Look around at different companies and styles of everything and see what fits your personality and style.

    Many people will say that jeans are unprofessional and "trashy", but I personally don't think thats the case. You can wear a button down shirt with a nice pair of dark jeans and look and feel awesome. Make sure they're not ripped or anything like that!

    As for shoes, I only wear sneakers, so i'm probably not the best help when it comes to trying to find nice casual foot wear.. Haha

    If I were taking my girlfriend out or going out somewhere nice, here's an example of something I would usually wear. But keep in mind, I'm 18. But, compared to most kids my age, this is dressing like a CEO!

    Shirt - solid black button down with a white under shirt.
    Pants - guess jeans.
    Belt - coach reversible.
    Shoes - solid white nike air force 1's.
    Hat (yes i do wear one everywhere i go. but i take it off when i'm inside) - all white yankees new era fitted.

    I know I may not be the best help but I hope I helped out a little bit!
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    There are tons of things that I have picked up being a "young professional".

    1. Wear long socks! No matter what, where dress socks. What you do not want to do is show skin above your shoes if you are sitting in your chair or talking to your boss. It really makes you look like a young kid that doesn't know what he is doing.

    2. Dark, fitted jeans look awesome. I agree with the above, dark fitted jeans look very acceptable in certain business occasions. As long they form to your frame and are not dragging on the ground, they will look great.

    3. Wear a "business" belt no matter what! No I'm not talking about the belt with a bottle opener on it. Get a couple of nice leather belts and wear them. I'm assuming you are going to be in an environment where you need to tuck in your shirt, so wearing a belt is imperative. Even if your pants fit fine, it looks awkward if you are not wearing one.

    4. For God sakes don't wear a sports watch. I plastic sports watch that you wear while running or biking has no reason to be in the office. Even if you go to Macy's and buy a $60 quartz watch, get one that is dressy. A nice leather band, or even a bracelet will really set you apart from the other guys.

    5. Find something unique, and make it your own. For me, I am the only person I know that wears French cuff shirts. I love this style, I love the way they look when they are perfectly crisp, and you will get a lot of positive feedback.

    6. Your body needs attention too. Be sure you do not have a scruffy beard, bad breathe, BO, or any other nasty thing I have not covered. Be sure you don't have nasty shit under your fingernails and that your hair is either combed, or tame. Walking into an office with hair all over the place is terrible.

    7. DO NOT WEAR SQUARE TOED SHOES. I wear mocs every day, and they are very professional. I have leather To Boot New York mocs(2 pairs). I also have the traditional Allan Edmunds, but this is for when you wear a suit.

    I'm assuming you are somewhat youngish(below 30), so we are constantly being criticized and scrutinized for what we wear and how we carry our self. If you dress professional, look good and feel confident that will show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuester View Post
    I agree with the jeans part. If you find good fitting ones and combine with the right shirt, sweater and shoes, it can definitely look classy. Not sure how most of the kids in New York dress at 18, but I'm sorry, that's the furthest away from any CEO look I could imagine (although I find that expression a little weird in general to begin with) or basically from being taken seriously. That's the outfit you'll look back at 29 and facepalm yourself for. AF1s are difficult and I don't think we have to talk about the hat, right? I get your direction of combing something sport with something rather business casual if you like, but I personally think it looks like crap and you probably will in a few more years as well.
    I'm comparing that to kids wearing basketball shorts down to their knees and a shirt thats way too big for them. Haha. It was a dumb expression but I couldn't think of anything better at 4 in the morning xD I like sneakers and I do have very nice ones to wear out. I don't really have any casual or dress shoes except for like 2 pairs that I use for work. And hats.. oh how I love them.. Haha. I'm still a kid though and thats what I like right now. And I agree, i'll probably look back when i'm older and be like, wtf? But, thats the same thing with most people. Everything is cool when you're younger and dumb when you're older =]

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    For the most part, I disagree with wearing grey for the rest of your life. Too safe. I know this is hard to convey and for the OP to grasp what I'm trying to say but colors make you fun and different.

    It isn't always about wearing the loudest colors but what makes sense for the occassion.

    For instance, if I go out tonight, it might be:
    dark fitted trousers (with a roll/cuff for Summer)
    any fitted shirt would do, a unique pattern with a couple of light fun colors will do. I might go with window pane pattern (this is where you shine, with sleeves rolled)
    light brown/almost red leather belt
    dark canvas oxford shoes.

    I googled a similar shoe:

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    kuester gave some great advice for the 9-5 corporate environment. I use this site PREPPY FASHION BLOG // TRASHNESS STREETSTYLE as the fashion bible that speaks style. Color goes a long way in the mens fashion primarily because so many men are afraid of it.

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