Oldest Nikon Camera In Existence Sells For $400,000 At Auction

Nikon Camera Auction

We here at Luxury4Play are fairly used to writing a news story about a vintage exotic car that fetched a six-, seven- or sometimes even eight-figure sum at an auction. Expensive vintage cars don’t really surprise us anymore, no matter the value, but we we’re definitely taken aback when we saw a vintage Nikon camera net over $400,000 USD at a recent auction in Austria.

Of course, the insanely valuable point and shoot isn’t just any camera. It’s the oldest known Nikon camera in existence – having been just the third example of the first-ever Nikon camera to leave the Japanese manufacturer’s production line. The model was introduced simply as the ‘Nikon’, but following the arrival of later Nikon cameras, it adopted the unofficial name ‘Nikon One’.

There’s other reasons the camera is worth more than your average supercar apart from its age. It comes with a fully intact F2 Nikkor H lens, which is the same lens it was shipped with when new, and also includes the rare double strap protective case. An inscription on the body also reads ‘made in occupied Japan’, verifying that it was indeed made in the Japanese Empire sometime in the late 1940s.

Curators of the Westlicht Photgraphica aution the Nikon was sold at expected it to fetch around $190,000 and opened bidding at lowly $95,000 before it maxed out at $406,000. We don’t know about you, but if we we’re spending that sum, we’d likely be looking at something with a gear lever rather than a film advance lever.