Escape From Your Debauchery on the Cheap in Russia


Usually here at L4P, we love to gasp and look in are at how much these luxurious, multi-million dollar homes costs. But this time around, we’re astounded at how little this home in Moscow Russia cost and how undeniably quaint and charming it is. The outside doesn’t look like much…

But the inside is filled with exposed beams, sleek cabinetry and plenty of skylights and glass walls to bathe the rooms in sunlight.


This 1,184 square foot home is part of a project called DublDom, designed by Bio Architects. This particular model is a single-level home which cost approximately $80,000 but the project has a wide array of models ranging from 280 to 1,400 square feet, all costing $100,000 or less.


To keep building costs low, these models are made of raw, simple materials such as glass, metal and barn board while the interior is made of solid pine and painted white to create an calm, airy feel.


This model also includes 670 square feet worth of terraces and verandas so you can enjoy your morning cup of joe in the great outdoors.
Best of all? This $80,000 home was all assembled in 10 days! All modules are pre-fabricated in Kazan, a city in southwest Russia but don’t worry – DublDom has recently started accepting U.S. pre-orders!
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[ Source: Curbed ]