The Best View Of The Aurora Borealis is From This Treehouse


For a mere $1,675 per night, guests can have one of the best views of one of mother nature’s most spectacular shows: the amazing aurora borealis. If you’re a thrill-seeker who loves camping out in the great outdoors, you’ll definitely have no problem opening up your wallet for an experience you won’t easily forget.


Hidden from sight in the heart of the Swedish forest is the Floating Cabin by Snohetta, a camouflaged two-bedroom suite where you’re surrounded by nothing but nature.

Sitting atop 12 poles, guests will have to walk up five flights of stairs to find their home-away-from-home 32 feet in the air. Inside, guests are dazzled with the birch plywood-covered walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing for plenty of light to spill inside the rooms.

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On days when the weather isn’t as harsh, visitors can roam outside to the patio, where they can lay on the netted terrace and watch the sky change colors.


The suite has 100 square feet of space, 75 square meters which have been used for living space. Besides the two rooms, there is also a bed sofa, bathroom (with a shower) and plenty of spaces to lounge about whilst reading a good book.


Feeling peace has never been easier than smack dab in the middle of a silent, snow-covered forest.


[ Source: HiConsumption]