This Rolls-Royce Cocktail Hamper Bar Costs as Much as Three Cars


Here at Luxury4Play, we ask the important questions like….Would you rather have three brand-new cars or a Rolls-Royce rolling cocktail bar?

Okay, so when we mean three cars we mean three low-key cars like Toyota Corollas or Honda Civics, but our point still stands! Rolls Royce’s limited-edition Cocktail Hamper is a fully-stocked mixologist with everything from a laser-cut monogrammed strainer to platinum-trimmed glassware.

The 15 exclusive rolling bars are made of American walnut and trilled with the same leather used for Rolls Royce’s interiors- only the best for the best. It also includes magnetically-secured utensils as well as a cocktail shaker, ice bucket with tongs, two sharing plates and handblown platinum—rimmed glasses. The price is a whopping $46,300- and you still have to bring your own booze!

[ Source: RobbReport]