Helsinki Guggenheim Plans are Revisited


The Finish government recently refused plans to fund a $140 million dollar project to erect a Guggenheim museum, a decision which has made some sigh in relief while others sulk in disappointment. Those who felt the latter, listen up: there is a sliver of hope! The Finnish capital has devised a plan to try and make the dream a reality.


To create the museum, Helsinki would cover approximately $86 million, the foundation would put in about $16 million and the rest would come from private sources. The proposal, however, is not yet a reality as it must be presented to the municipal government for the final vote.

While some are excited at the thought of a gorgeous new tourist hotspot on Helsinki’s waterfront, others believe it is simply a monstrous waste of tax dollars. A final decision will be made before the end of the year, as the 18,520-square-meter’s site permit expires before 2017

[ Source: Curbed ]