This Tiny Apartment Has a Huge Personality


Let’s face it: not everyone can afford a three-story, detached home with a tricked-out basement, pool and enough open-concept rooms to make you feel at ease. But not to worry: this renovated 1930’s apartment in the Bauhaus Centre Tel Aviv in Israel is a proof that bigger is not necessarily better.


This home has a total of 753 square feet but because of it’s interesting layout, feels a lot larger. The building was designed to resemble a ship’s curving bow and the living room opens up the front, giving it ample room and allowing that natural sunlight to spill into the open-concept kitchen as well.

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The flat’s neutral color scheme and use of soft furniture lines allow is easy on the eyes and makes guests feel at ease and peaceful. The guest bedroom is quaint and just enough for an overnight stay.


The most colorful part of the apartment, as you may have noticed, is the beautiful floor which was removed for the flat’s renovations and then meticulously replaced piece-by-piece in a uniform pattern, giving the space some warmth.

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Renovators insured that every crevice was wisely used, as there was no room for error. The bedroom features custom-built cabinetry, exposed white brick and even an en-suite separated by a glass wall.

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Thankfully, guests can use another, separate, bathroom when they come over and if they’d like, can even use the shower which is neatly tucked into one of the home’s corner- talk about a space saver!


After all the renovations, home owners can pat themselves on the back for a job well done for being able to make the most out of every space in this apartment- and making it look damn good to boot!

[ Source: Curbed ]