This Israeli Penthouse Has Got it Goin’ On


There are many elements that can be used to a designer’s advantage when it comes to tying a room together. Sometimes its color, other times it is sharing the same material of furniture. But for this stunning 25,000 square foot Israel penthouse, it is the historic art seem throughout the entire home which brings a sense of unity to the home.


The interior designer of this magnificent work of art is none other than Geoffrey Bradfield of Bradfield & Tobin, a New-York based firm. He describes his vision for the penthouse as having to be “both ancient and modern”, and we certainly think he hit the nail on the head with this one.

The great room has an open-concept theme and references Jerusalem’s rulers over the years which includes the Greeks, Romans, Ottomans and Babylonians. The coffee table features 15th century lions that is said to have come from France and another coffee table and side table both which frame pre-Christian mosaics. And if you’re not intrigued by the history, one look outside at the great city just beyond the glass walls will certainly take your breath away.


The dining room table is actually made of four separate tables that, when put together to entertain a group of 16, resembles the image of mercury splitting and reforming. Separately, the four tables can host up to 32 people.


The study also shares the same spectacular views of the city as the open-concept living and dining room area. Owners can sit at their gorgeous desk, which features a slab of Torroncino granite which actually wraps around the entire room.


Judaism requires the washing one’s hands before or after meals not only for sanitary purposes, but it is also part of a ritual before you are bestowed the blessing of food. To celebrate this ritual, the designer commissioned a monstrous mosaic in the room which depicts the City of David as it may have looked in the Second Temple period (approximately 530 BC–70 AD).  The project took nine months to complete…but is an absolute show-stopper.


The homeowner’s son has his own private apartment within the penthouse which features more modern touches. Plenty of blue and brown colours can be seen on the sofas, carpet and walls while priceless pieces of art adorn the walls, such as French photographer Jean-Francois Rauzier’s “Traversees”.
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The modern theme continues to the living area, where a bright blue rug inspired by a Joan Miro painting sits beneath a pair of grey seats and an L-shaped couch. The cool grey bar is also ready to be used for guests wishing to have a drink while chatting with friends.

Last but not least, we can marvel at all which is gorgeous in this grand master bedroom’s en suite. Covered in Carrara marble, the walls and furniture have enough mirrors to make your head spin making even the most private of rooms feel like a runway show.

[Source: RobbReport]