This Monstrous Estate is Every Polo Player’s Dream


If you’re in the market for an extravagant place to call home for you and your four-legged neighing pals, this Polish mansion may be the deal of the century.


Boasting 14 beds and an amazing 25 full baths (plus 15 partial baths!), you’ll have plenty of space to frolic and play within the 279 hectares of nature at its finest.

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There is an outdoor area to play Polo as well as an indoor area to practice when the weather turns unpleasant.

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But of course, that’s not all this all-but-humble abode holds to make sure guests are never bored. It also features a garage with plenty of antiques to tickle your fancy, a tennis court to sweat it out and an absolutely stunning pool to swim laps at your leisure.

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To relax and unwind, this mansion also has many areas to take an afternoon tea bathed in sunshine.
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Should you have more than one guest, the common room is a great place to hold a quaint get-together where you can be served food prepared by a personal chef in this to-die-for kitchen featuring wood counter tops and antique faucets.

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And not to worry, the boys will have their own space too thanks to this library-turned-man cave complete with a fireplace and your very own pool table.

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When all your family and friends are ready to retire (but not leave), their cozy bedrooms will welcome them with open arms (or, in this case, pillows).


But don’t be too surprised when you see them wandering the halls in the morning where they can feel a sense of peace and serenity in the ball room, where a grand piano aches to be played.

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All of this and more for a mere $53 million.


[ Source: Sotheby’s ]