This Lisbon Penthouse is Making us Green With Envy


When it comes to building homes, most contractors and designers prefer to start from scratch, however sometimes keeping some of the old-school aspects has its quirks.

Take this 1930’s Portuguese penthouse, for example.

Atelier Data took the penthouse and breathed new life into the home with its minimalist decor and fresh, airy color choices.


The only thing dividng the spacious living room and the balcony is a single sliding wall, making nighttime parties an absolute delight.


The kitchen and living room are merely separated by the counter top and is bathed in light thanks to the bounty of windows and lots of white walls and furniture (including the built-in bookshelf).

4portuguesepenthouse 5portuguesepenthouse
Should you wish to dine al fresco, the flat also has plenty of space on the aforementioned patio.


The master bedroom is spacious and bright due to the sloping ceiling’s windows, which will ensure owners will be woken up thanks to Mother Nature’s sunlight (unless it’s gloomy out, in which case, you should sleep in anyways).

The penthouse even boasts a lovely little study in front of a window so you’ll always be inspired by the great outdoors while you work.

You’d be hard pressed to find another penthouse this beautiful anywhere in Lisbon!

[Source: Airows]