Behold: A Diamond in the Rough Arizona Desert


Normally, living in a concrete bunker isn’t the ideal place to spend your time. But when you’re constantly hounded by cars honking, phones ringing and your computer crying that you have mail, something this secluded is suddenly very attractive.

Designed by DUST, this Arizona home is the perfect place to sit and relax with the views while living in modest minimalism.


The living room, although consisting mostly of concrete walls, feels warm with its raw materials and fireplace.

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The bare bedroom offers a soft mattress and plenty of pillows to rest your head and the single window will make sure you awaken slowly to the day’s natural sunshine.


The home’s rear offers a pair of doors that open out so owners can have a glorious view of the desert.


If silence is what you crave, this place is your dream come true.


[Source: Airows]