The Futura Is Another Haute Huayra…

While most supercars that roll out of the Pagani factory are more or less one-offs, there are still an exceptional few models that deserve extra attention.

One such car is the latest Huayra Futura, seen for the first time at the 2016 Lakes GT supercar rally by Marchettino.

The bespoke Italian masterpiece features several inimitable body elements, including a rear adjustable wing, the air intake over the engine, blue machined center-lock wheels (which matches the black-blue combo finish), and the company’s own Pacchetto Tempesta, adding more prominent front and rear diffusers.

Moving to the interior, blue leather, naked carbon, and metal trim accents work off each other to make a truly special driver’s cabin. The engine is likely stock – though ‘stock’ in Pagani terms means 6.0 litres of capacity, twin turbos, 730hp and 1,000Nm (737lb ft) of torque. We think most people won’t be disappointed with those ‘stock’ numbers.

This isn’t the first Huayra with a split double-deck spoiler, though it may be the only one left: the only other one Pagani installed, into a Pearl one-off edition, crashed a few months ago in Paris.

Hopefully this one-off’s future has a better fate.