Porsche Mission E Will Offer Several Versions, Plus Self-Driving Tech and Fast Charging


When Porsche brings the Mission E to market it will do so with a number of different derivatives offering varying power levels and equipment. 

Essentially, the Mission E will be sold in escalating trim levels–much like the rest of the brand’s models–company chairman Oliver Blume told British publication Autocar during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

“The Mission E will sit in the segment below the Panamera. It will offer a 500km (311 mile) eletric range, with a 15 minute charge time,” said Blume. “We will think of different options. There will be more than one, with different levels of power.”

Blume also teased the addition of over-the-air updates, similar to what Tesla does with the Model S. “It isn’t decided yet, but it could be possible to charge up with more power. For example, when you have 400bhp, it could be possible to upgrade to 450bhp.”


The chairman revealed the first functional Mission E prototypes are currently being put together at Porsche’s Weissach development facility; it’s expected the first Mission E mules will begin their two-year development cycle this summer. Porsche is planning to continue with 800v charging capability as shown on the Mission E concept, the company is working with Japanese electronics giant Hitachi on the system which should be capable of providing an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes.

Lastly, Blume confirmed the Mission E would be made available with Level 4 autonomous driving tech capable of self-driving without human attention. “There are situations in traffic jams where you will be able to read a newspaper, but our customers take pleasure from driving and this will remain.”