This Badass Mini RV Is a Serious People-Mover


One of the toughest decisions when going on a road trip, arguably, is what vehicle to bring. When you’re planning to skip the daily motel nights, comfort and reliability is high on the must-have list, however being able to tackle any terrain is also extremely important as well. When you can’t decide between a 4×4 or an RV, the Siberian Tiger Adventure Vehicle is here to save the day.

1Siberian 2Siberian

Built on either a Ford F550 or Ram 5500 chassis (the customer decides what they would prefer), this vehicle is built to handle the toughest of terrain and any weather condition Mother Nature may throw your way.


The interior looks straight out an RV – it includes bamboo flooring and furniture, recessed LED lighting, an entertainment system and even a king sized bed with a memory foam mattress! Talk about a luxe interior in a rugged exterior.

4Siberian 5Siberian

The kitchen features gorgeous cabinetry, a single sink with a separate faucet for filtered water and plenty of seats for the whole crew (which also folds to make another bed!)
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The cabin has two rows comprised of two eats each and while spacious, looks like it can take quite a beating from any gear you may have (hiking shoes, we’re looking at you).

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Prices start at just under $250,000 but when your home is also your wheels, the price makes sense!
[ Source: BlessThisStuff ]