Bet You’ve Never Heard of This Ultra-Rare Jaguar


Just 271 Jaguar XJ220s were produced, making it one of the less common supercars of the early-to-mid 1990s. Even rarer than the XJ220, though, was the predecessor to the twin-turbcocharged V6 supercar, the XJR-15– one example of which recently went up for sale in the United Kingdom.


The XJR-15 was dreamt up by Tom Walkinshaw, who headed Jaguar’s mighty successful endurance racing efforts throughout the 1980s. Walkinshaw had a hunch that there may be demand for a road-legal supercar based on a successful competition racecar and teamed up with Jag to produce what would eventually become the XJR-15.


Jaguar started with the same carbon fiber tub that Jaguar’s XJR-9 Group C prototype racecar was based on when developing the XJR-15, which helped keep weight down to around 2,300 lbs. With  450 horsepower 6.0-liter dry-sump V12 in the back connected to a five-speed manual transaxle transmission, it boasted an excellent power to weight ratio that helped it achieve a dizzying top end of 215 mph.

Jaguar and Walkinshaw had originally intended to sell 50 examples of the XJR-15, but ended up moving just 27 of them at $1 million USD a piece. The example currently up for sale by Jeremy Cottingham, which shows just 1,400 miles on its odometer and is sold with the original owner’s manual, is trading hands for 400,000 pounds, or around $500,000 USD. It seems even supercars aren’t safe from that infamous Jag depreciation.





[Source: Carscoops]