This $28K Mechanical Lung Will Keep You on Time


Owning an automatic or battery-powered watch is a constant struggle, especially if you only use them on special occasions. When you put them on, you run the risk of them being behind due to lack of use or simply because the battery is dead.

Unfortunately, while the answer is not there just yet for watches, this special clock eliminates the need for batteries. Jaeger-LeCoultre has created a clock that uses a lung-like design which erases the need to use a battery to make it work, which mean’s you’ll never be late to work again.


The Australian designer has taken his own spin on the classic Atmos clock by creating a capsule which expands when temperatures rise and contracts when it is lowered- this is its “lungs”. The video below explains how the mechanism works.

According to Jaeger-LeCoultre, this will keep the clock working for up to 4,000 years. Hopefully, the brand can soon create a watch version so there would be need for motion or a battery to make the watch work seamlessly – even if its been sitting in your dresser for years.


These bad boys sell for about $28,000 so if you’d like one, prepare your wallet!

[ Source: Airows ]