- Luxury4Play Presents Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport “Bumblebee” Edition

  • Luxury4Play Presents Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport “Bumblebee” Edition

    According to our L4P street team Bugatti has just unveiled a special one-off Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport inspired by Transformers with a lovely black and yellow theme at the Qatar Motor Show this week. Apart from the horizontal color split between a bright yellow body and black carbon, the Bumblebee Edition also features black tinted wheels and the same color theme continued in the interior with the seats and the upper and lower sections of the doors and dashboard finished in yellow leather with black stitching. The center console is finished in black carbon, with the middle sections of the dashboard, door panels steering wheel and gearshift made of black leather with yellow stitching. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport “Bumblebee” Edition is priced at “just” $2.05 million. We hope you enjoy the pictures.

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    1. TrevorT's Avatar
      TrevorT -
      Interesting color combo, I think I like it
    1. SenorCeeb's Avatar
      SenorCeeb -
      I think Bugatti should leave the yellow paint to Porsches, this really isn't working out for me.
    1. A G's Avatar
      A G -
      Looks like mustard
    1. B R's Avatar
      B R -
      Outside is ok if you are into that color combo, but for some reason I just can't handle yellow interiors in any cars, including this one.
    1. TechArt Dreamer's Avatar
      TechArt Dreamer -
      It reminds me of something Michael Fux would spec.

    1. Black&Yellow's Avatar
      Black&Yellow -
      Looks like Bijan's but with yellow on top and black on bottom
    1. RonPattonJr's Avatar
      RonPattonJr -
      all day thinking of black and yellow to be honest, all i wanna say is where is wiz khalifa
    1. Kyle_Poch's Avatar
      Kyle_Poch -
      I like wid the top down but the orange and black is still better
    1. Kristin's Avatar
      Kristin -
      I am terrified of bumble bees and this color combo....
    1. camaross2012's Avatar
      camaross2012 -
      very nice! wonderful
    1. duc749r's Avatar
      duc749r -
      Does anyone know if this car is for sale? PM if you have info, thanks.J
    1. Elitepwnsface's Avatar
      Elitepwnsface -
      Very interesting. But dang its expensive.
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