- One man's collection, Every Automotive enthusiast dream

  • One Man's Auto Collection Is Every Automotive Enthusiast Dream

    As car enthusiast we all spend countless hours dreaming of what would be in our perfect garage. Most of us have to limit our wish list but there is a few that can make those dreams their realities. Michael Fux - the founder and former owner of longtime pad and pillow powerhouse Sleep Innovations is one those lucky men. When Fux, who had spent most of his career on the retail side of the home furnishings business after emigrating from Cuba as a youth, founded Sleep Innovations in the mid-1990s, the idea of bedding products like pads, pillows and mattresses using viscose memory foam was brand new, an unproven product without any mass acceptance. Sleep changed that and it did so, most people acknowledge, through an ongoing barrage of new products and new packaging, the foundations of the company's strategy. It proved hugely successful and Sleep Innovations became the dominant player in the field, doing over $300 million a year in annual sales. Mr. Fux is also involved in many charitable organizations and has donated 1 million dollars to the Miami Children's hospital to help create the Michael Fux Family Center. Here is a few pictures of some of the cars in his collection, we hope you enjoy.

    We would also like to thank CARLOVEDC.COM for the amazing pictures of this collection.

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    1. matteIsf's Avatar
      matteIsf -
      This would be a Gone in 60 seconds dream to see these cars! He has one of the most beautiful collects ever!
    1. DavidV's Avatar
      DavidV -
      Someone can't get enough of themselves
    1. engear2005's Avatar
      engear2005 -
      Nice collection! Everyone would love some of these in their garages.
    1. bumped's Avatar
      bumped -
      Great collection just horrible taste in wheels ��
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