How to Put a Fireplace in Your Plane Without Setting it On Fire


Lufthansa Technik’s Fireless Fireplace turns your plane’s cabin into a cozy mountain lodge.

Starting a fire on a plane is not just against federal regulations, it’s also a really, really bad idea, which is generally why planes make do without fireplaces. But, now there’s a way around that.

The Lufthansa Technik Fireless Fireplace can give your executive jet’s interior that cozy living-room feel without the usual mid-air drawbacks of a traditional fireplace. It’s not just cosmetic either, Lufthansa Technik says this synthetic fireplace looks, sounds and even heats like the real thing and can customized for various customer needs.

It simulates fire by illuminating water vapor emitted from a synthetic burning log, creating the 3D illusion of a real fire. As such, it’s completely cool to the touch. Individual settings control heat, sound and intensity and are adjustable via remote control.

[Source: Lufthansa Technik]