This Plane Has Been Converted Into A Millionaire’s Dream


If you’re in the market to plan out your new custom-designed jet interior, you may want to take a look at the Elegante design hashed out by DesignQ in response to a challenge by BAE Systems to make a few stunning jet interiors.


DesignQ did not disappoint. This particular interior is cozy yet regal, perfect for a high-profile businessman or businesswoman who works whilst flying to and from their business-related hotspots.  Featuring soft textures and elegant lines, this interior has got us drooling!  The front features a desk with space for a computer with a C-shaped couch not too far behind.


The middle of the aircraft holds a long dining table with five chairs and a bench on the other side, making it the perfect place to hold meetings or chat over a few glasses of wine.

There is also another section to the far side of the aircraft which has another couch, armchair and a library which can easily be converted into a bedroom for overnight flights.


This design was based on the Avro Business Jet (based on the BAE 146 regional jet), which is about 58 feet long. To put into perspective how large this jet really is, the BAE 146 could originally hold up to 100 passengers. DesignQ’s director Howard Guy quotes the price of this re-imagined jet to be around $6 million.


[Source: RobbReport]